Complaints Process

The ACCME Process for Handling Complaints Regarding ACCME Accredited Providers, last revised in August 2017, balances accountability and transparency with the confidentiality of providers and complainants.

• Complaints are given serious, in-depth review by the ACCME.

• The ACCME keeps confidential the identity of providers and complainants involved in the complaints process, with the exception of ACCME’s response to a legal proceeding.

• CME providers are required to offer corrective information to learners, planners, and faculty if an activity is found to be noncompliant with Standard for Commercial Support 1 (independence), Standard for Commercial Support 5 (freedom from commercial bias), or the ACCME’s content validation policies.

• When the ACCME changes a provider's accreditation status as a result of the complaints process, the new status is considered public information, but the ACCME does not disclose the reason for the change in status. Lists of accredited providers, including their accreditation status, are posted on the ACCME Web site.

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The ACCME makes public blinded examples and summaries from the complaints process for the purpose of educating providers and other stakeholders. This public information does not identify providers.

Access the ACCME Complaints Summaries.

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