Financial Reports & Operations

The ACCME’s goal is to take a prudent and conservative approach to financial management, while maintaining high-quality services for accredited providers, Recognized Accreditors, and volunteers.

Income and Expenses at the ACCME The majority of the ACCME’s revenues are derived from fees paid by ACCME-accredited providers, workshop registration fees, and fees assessed to the intrastate accreditation system.

The ACCME spends more than 80%  of its budget on specific programs and services in support of its tax-exempt purpose. ACCME also incurs expenditures for its general administration and operations in order to meet its mission. Expenditure areas include the following:

  • Accreditation services for ACCME-accredited providers: These services include facilitating the initial and reaccreditation processes for providers, surveyor training, and the development and maintenance of technology platforms that support accreditation services. In addition, this category includes a portion of ACCME’s costs incurred for liaison work with outside organizations. This work is for the purpose of promoting the value of accredited CME and for developing and refining accreditation standards.
  • Recognition services for state/territory medical societies: These services support the process for recognizing state/territory medical societies as accreditors of intrastate CME providers. These costs include facilitating the recognition process, as well as data collection and analysis services. In addition, this category includes a portion of ACCME’s costs incurred for liaison work with outside organizations.
  • Education and outreach services for accredited providers and Recognized Accreditors: These expenditures support education for all CME providers within the ACCME accreditation system as well as for Recognized Accreditors (state/territory medical societies). The purpose of the ACCME’s education and outreach efforts is to advance its mission, foster the development of quality CME, and support volunteers, accredited providers, and Recognized Accreditors. ACCME education is delivered through live events, conference calls, webinars, and the ACCME website.
  • Administration and operations expenses: These expenditures are necessary for ACCME to accomplish its mission but are not attributed to a specific ACCME program or service. Examples of these expenses are financial accounting and reporting services, fees for corporate insurance, and depreciation of furniture and computer equipment.

If you would like to receive a copy of ACCME's Federal Form 990: Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, and/or annual audited financial statements, please Contact Us.