Calls for Comment & Policy-Making

The ACCME Board of Directors undertakes a multistep, deliberative process to recommend new policies or modifications to policies and procedures. When considering possible changes, the Board first undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the issues, reviewing relevant historical and current data. If the Board determines that a new or modified policy or procedure has the potential for improving the accreditation system and serving the needs of the CME community, physician learners, and the public,  the Board will move forward and develop a proposal.

The next step is for the ACCME to undergo a formal process for soliciting feedback from stakeholders and the public. The ACCME’s Rule-Making Policy, adopted in July 2009, says that the public will have the opportunity to comment on proposed rules or policies that directly affect member organizations and accredited providers. The ACCME gathers this feedback through calls for comment. Following a call for comment, an analysis of the responses as well as the complete text of the responses is posted on the ACCME Web site.

The Board of Directors reviews and analyzes the responses, and issues its decision. That decision is posted on the Web site and communicated to the CME provider and stakeholder community through the e-newsletter, The ACCME Report . If the Board approves a change in policy or rules, the ACCME staff prepares educational resources to assist accredited providers and other stakeholders in understanding and implementing the change.

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