Accreditation & Recognition

Mr. Richetti oversees the ACCME activities involving accreditation of CME providers and the recognition of state accrediting bodies.

Mr. Baldwin manages the ACCME's accreditation process.  In addition, David serves as the primary staff liaison for the Accreditation Review Committee.

Ms. McCauley assists with the validation and implementation of the accreditation and recognition decision-making process, and serves as the primary resource for CME providers with questions about initial applications, reaccreditation, and progress reports.

Sebastian works to refine and expand ACCME’s monitoring and surveillance systems.

Ms. Nordling manages the recognition process for intrastate accreditors. She is the primary contact for state and territory medical societies with questions about recognition.

As Coordinator of Accreditation and Recognition Services, Ms. Suda coordinates the implementation of accreditation and recognition processes. She administers system-wide production and execution deadlines, reviews recognition materials from accreditors, and provides support for accreditation and...

Ms. Amoako assists in the execution and implementation of accreditation and recognition processes for providers and accreditors.