Education & Outreach

Dr. Singer directs the education and outreach activities of the ACCMEwhich include educational support for accredited providers, volunteers, and state accreditors within the ACCME System.

Ms. Martin manages ACCME’s education and improvement initiatives for national and state-accredited providers, including the CME as a Bridge to QualityTM Accreditation Workshops. 

Ms. Moore manages education and outreach activities to various stakeholders within the national CME system, including education and training for ACCME volunteers and Recognized state medical society accreditors. 

Ms. Latham provides support to the Department of Education and Outreach in the planning and implementation of the ACCME’s educational initiatives for national and state-accredited providers, the intrastate accreditation system, and ACCME volunteer surveyors.

Walter enhances ACCME’s educational resources and communications through multimedia and web-based development and production.

Kameron provides administrative support for ACCME's educational offerings and engagement with multiple stakeholders.