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State and territory medical societies recognized by the ACCME as accreditors of intrastate CME providers

Collaboration with US State Medical Society and International Accreditors

In the United States, there are 41 state/territory medical societies recognized  as accreditors by the ACCME. These Recognized Accreditors oversee nearly 1,200 state-accredited providers, including community hospitals, state specialty societies, and county medical societies. 

Each year, accredited intrastate providers offer nearly 37,000 CME activities in communities across the country, drawing nearly four million health care practitioner participants.  All CME programs within the ACCME system are held to the same high standards.

Within the ACCME system, all accredited providers meet one set of standards and are accredited using an ACCME-determined process.  All the accredited CME generated by a provider within the ACCME system (i.e., ACCME-accredited CME) meets the same requirements and standards.  Operationally, within the ACCME system, there is a distribution of responsibility for accreditation between the ACCME and its recognized state and territorial accreditors, based on the target audience of the providers (i.e., the ACCME conducts the accreditation of providers that have a national audience and the state medical societies conduct the accreditation of providers of CME for their state or contiguous states).  The accreditor is the only difference between ACCME-accredited providers and state medical society accredited providers.  All the accredited CME events/activities presented by these providers are ACCME-accredited CME, and all ACCME-accredited CME is required to meet the same ACCME requirements.  The ACCME has processes in place to ensure this identity and has data that verifies this identity.  Each CME provider in the ACCME system can be identified by and ACCME Provider Number.  All CME providers in the ACCME system are listed on

The ACCME is also committed to assisting emerging and existing CME accreditation systems in other nations around the world. Toward that end, the ACCME has developed a substantial equivalency recognition process  for CME systems outside the US.