Maintenance of Recognition

The ACCME’s Recognition Process

Responsibilities of Maintenance of Recognition

With the intent of ensuring equivalency of CME providers accredited within the ACCME system, Recognized Accreditors have agreed to conduct their program of accreditation of CME providers according to the ACCME’s 2008 Markers of Equivalency.  In turn, the ACCME has agreed to provide a review of the Accreditor’s practices to ensure compliance with these Markers of Equivalency.

Accreditors Responsibilities in the Process for the ACCME’s Determination of Compliance with these Markers of Equivalency.

In real time,

  • The ACCME contact information for each SMS accredited provider will be current, complete and accurate.
  • Maintain records that include documents and information descriptive of accreditation process as specified by the ACCME.

As/when accreditation decisions are made,

  • Update ACCME Online System to reflect provider’s new accreditation term, status, and compliance findings.


  • Timely payment of provider fees to the ACCME.
  • Responsible for the timely submission of complete and accurate annual report information for each provider as specified by the ACCME.

When requested by the ACCME, as indicated by the Accreditor’s performance,

  • Narrative description of staff and volunteer development activities.
  • Narrative description of accreditation process.
  • Submit ‘documents’ descriptive of accreditation process as specified by the ACCME in support of Maintenance of Recognition.
  • Submit provider and Accreditor documents descriptive of Reconsideration/Appeal and Complaints/Inquiries process(es).