Annual Responsibilities

Annual Fee

The ACCME system of accreditation is funded in part by state-accredited providers that benefit from the accreditation, education and monitoring services that the ACCME provides. The fee is standard for all state-accredited providers because all receive the same amount and quality of service. Annually, Recognized Accreditors are responsible for collecting the required fee from each of their accredited providers, and submitting these fees to the ACCME. Submission of these fees is required to maintain ACCME recognition. The ACCME invoices Recognized Accreditors for the state accredited provider fees approximately sixty days in advance of their due date.

Year-End Reporting

The ACCME system of accreditation develops and offers a wide range of continuing medical education (CME) activities aimed to improve physician competence and performance and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Annually, Recognized Accreditors are responsible for facilitating the collection of data about the CME activities offered by their accredited providers to ensure this data is entered into the ACCME’s Program and Activity Recording System (PARS). In turn, the ACCME publishes an annual report reflecting the size and scope of the CME offered across the national system.