Support & Resources

The ACCME offers a variety of educational resources and support services for Recognized Accreditors, including monthly webinars, self-assessment exercises for improving accreditation decision making, an annual leadership conference, and professional development training for new accreditation staff and state volunteers. ACCME staff members make presentations at educational meetings hosted by Recognized Accreditors, offer training for state accreditation committee members, and provide one-on-one consultations to state medical society staff and their leadership.

Supporting Your Role as an ACCME-Recognized State Accreditor

Accreditor Webinars: Series of monthly webinars addressing topics relevant to Recognized Accreditors. Each webinar offers an opportunity to discuss hot topics and ask questions related to accreditation practices, Recognition requirements, and the CME environment.  Accreditors are encouraged to invite their committee members, volunteers, and executive leadership to participate in the discussion.

Annual ACCME State/Territory Medical Society Conference:  A national leadership meeting of Recognized Accreditor staff and accreditation volunteers with the goal of promoting a valid and effective national CME system.

Documents, Tools, and Resources for Accreditors

STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY ACCREDITOR WEB FORUM:  (Login Required) - A platform for document sharing and state system announcements.  This ACCME-hosted platform is the nexus for the exchange of documents and information between ACCME and Recognized State Accreditors.  The forum offers example documents for download, recorded webinars, a calendar of events, and resources for Recognized Accreditors using PARS.  Watch the announcements and calendar of events on the forum for important updates and information for Recognized Accreditors.

Accreditation Materials for Recognized Accreditors: Documents used by the ACCME in the accreditation process.

Accreditor Self-Assessment Exercises:  Participate in skills exercises designed to improve your Accreditation practices.  Available through the State Medical Society Accreditor Web Forum, these self-assessment exercises provide insights to improved accreditation decision making to meet the expectations of system equivalency and may help identify education and training needs.

Accreditor Webinar Materials:  Includes agendas, case exercises, and links to archived recordings.

Program and activity reporting system (PARS):  ACCME's Program and Activity Reporting System provides a centralized system for the collection and management of activity and program data from accredited CME providers.  As ACCME contributes to the enhancement of the system, we will continue to provide education, tools, and support to assist accreditors using PARS.  

ACCME Staff Support Available

Support for state medical society staff in Transition: The ACCME routinely provides a range of services from staff-to-staff orientation and training to support for accreditation committees.  Contact ACCME's Manager of Recognition Services for more information about how the ACCME can provide assistance to meet your needs.

Support for Strategic Communications: The ACCME is available to support collaborative approaches to enhance communications with CME system stakeholders. Inquire about working with the ACCME communications staff to develop joint communications for your audiences by contacting the ACCME’s Vice President for Communications.

Supporting Your Efforts in Working with Providers and Volunteers

ACCME Educational Offerings for Accredited Providers: Join us for education that the ACCME offers to the provider community. ACCME offers a discounted registration fee for Recognized Accreditor staff and volunteers attending the ACCME’s CME as a Bridge to QualityTMAccreditation Workshop. Programs that are open for the general CME community, including SMS staff and volunteers, can be found on the ACCME events webpage, and programs that are offered “by invitation only” will be announced as they become available.

Request an accme speaker: The ACCME will continue to provide speakers for state accreditors’ provider conferences or outreach to other stakeholders —whether on site, via phone, or webinar. Customized to meet the needs of your audience, these presentations can address a variety of topics, including the role of accredited CME as a strategic partner in health care quality and safety initiatives, communicating accredited CME’s value to health care executives, as well as training for accreditation surveyor and committee members. Reserve your date now by contacting ACCME's Coordinator of Education and Outreach.

Becoming an ACCME VolunteerSurveyor Training: The ACCME continues to invite state medical society staff and state volunteers to participate in the ACCME’s intensive surveyor orientation that includes a 1hour webinar and full day training at the ACCME offices in Chicago.  Contact ACCME's Manager of Systems Education and Outreach for more information.


Training On-Demand

Examples of Compliance & NoncomplianceAn invaluable resource to support provider education and  Accreditor decision making. The ACCME offers case examples of compliance and noncompliance drawn from the accreditation review process. These website pages include actual examples of ACCME-accredited provider practices that were found either in Compliance or Noncompliance with the ACCME Criteria.

Continuing professional development for National ACCME Surveyors: Accreditor staff and volunteers can take advantage of ACCME training and resources developed for the national ACCME surveyor pool.  Throughout the year, ACCME will share its approaches for the continuing professional development of ACCME surveyors, including the implementation of educational tools or resources.

ACCME "Education and support" Web Pages Take advantage of the ACCME’s web-based multimedia educational resources for multiple audiences. The multimedia resources include Video FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) addressing compliance with the Accreditation Criteria; Perspectives interviews with CME leaders about initiatives that demonstrate the value of accredited CME; educational tutorials including using PARS, and more.

The ACCME Report ACCME’s monthly e-newsletter containing important updates, news, resources, and education. The ACCME Report is a monthly newsletter that keeps all of the stakeholders of our national CME system informed about news, policy, and education to support CME That Matters to Patient Care™.  We encourage SMS volunteers and intrastate providers to subscribe to the free ACCME Report. To register for the ACCME Report, please click here.