What is the provider to do if a commercial supporter of an activity says the content of the activity is not accurate -- or unreasonably favors their product? (SCS1.1)

Last Revised: 
November 11, 2011

There is no CME reason for commercial supporters to review and comment on CME content prior to its delivery to learners. CME providers can receive commercial support from industry.  CME providers cannot receive guidance, either nuanced or direct, on the content of the activity or on who should deliver that content.

As has always been the case, issues could be brought directly to the ACCME by commercial supporters if commercial supporters believe that a provider does not meet ACCME's expectations under the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support (e.g., freedom from bias, balance, or the ACCME content validation policies). This will contribute significantly to the ACCME's ability to enforce its policies.

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