Initial Accreditation Process

If your organization is deemed eligible through the pre-application review process, you will be invited to continue with the initial accreditation process.  The ACCME’s initial accreditation process is an opportunity for each applicant to demonstrate that its practice of CME is in compliance with the ACCME’s accreditation requirements through three primary sources of data:

  • Initial self-study report for ACCME accreditation
  • Evidence of performance-in-practice
  • Initial accreditation interview

You will be required to submit the written self-study report and evidence of performance-in-practice, along with payment of the Initial Accreditation Fee before participating in the accreditation interview.

Once all required information and payment has been received, the ACCME will schedule your accreditation interview. Please note, your organization must have a CME activity reviewed, which entails the observation of one of your organization’s CME activities by an ACCME volunteer surveyor. These requirements must be fulfilled as a part of your organization’s initial interview process, or as part of your organization’s subsequent reaccreditation review process.

Self-Study Report

The self-study report is an opportunity for you to tell the “story” of your CME program to the ACCME and provide background and information on how your organization accomplishes its CME mission.  Initial applicants are asked to provide descriptions, attachments, and examples to give the reader an understanding of CME practice(s) related to the ACCME Accreditation Criteria, Standards for Commercial Support, and policies. Descriptions are narrative explanations. Attachments are specific documents. Examples are demonstrations of the implementation of the practices described that may include narrative and/or attachments.

Performance-in-Practice Review

Initial applicants are asked to verify that their CME activities are in compliance with ACCME accreditation requirements through the documentation review process. The initial applicant will present evidence to the ACCME for documentation review from at least two recently completed educational activities.

Accreditation Interview

Initial applicants are presented with the opportunity to further describe the practices presented in the self-study report and activity files, and provide clarification as needed, in conversation with a team of volunteer surveyors, who are colleagues from the CME community, trained by the ACCME.

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