Year-End Reporting Requirements

Each year, accredited providers must fulfill year-end reporting requirements in order to maintain their accreditation status. To meet your year-end reporting requirements you need to:

This data is submitted through the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS).

Currently the year-end reporting deadline is the last business day in March of each year for the previous calendar year.  Providers accredited by a state medical society may be required to complete their year-end reporting earlier and should check with their accreditor for more information.

ACCME-accredited providers that do not meet the year-end reporting requirements by the due date are subject to a change of their accreditation status to Probation. Providers that do not complete the year-end reporting requirements prior to the ACCME Board of Directors meeting that follows the deadline may have their accreditation status changed to Nonaccreditation.

The data you submit regarding your program and activities enables the ACCME to produce Annual Report Data, which offers a comprehensive analysis of the size and scope of the CME enterprise nationwide, presenting statistics on CME program revenue, funding, participants, activities, and activity formats. The annual report data is published annually as a service to accredited providers, other stakeholders, and the public. Please refer to the ACCME Public and Confidential Information about Accredited Providers policy for more information.

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