The ACCME will initiate the process of reaccreditation by notifying your organization in writing of its need to re-apply. The ACCME’s primary contact for your organization will receive this notification via email approximately fifteen months before your current term of accreditation ends.

Confirming Your Intent to Apply for Reaccreditation: Providers should use the ACCME’s Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) to ensure that contact information is current and accurate.  Login to PARS here or by clicking on the login button located on the left of the screen.  If you have questions about the PARS login process, please contact the ACCME.

The ACCME’s notification will include the timeline and important milestones and a description of the accreditation process, including the three major sources of data used to review your CME program: the self-study report, performance-in-practice review, and the accreditation interview. You will be asked to confirm that your organization intends to seek reaccreditation and to certify your intent to follow the ACCME’s Accreditation Criteria, Standards for Commercial Support, and policies (accreditation requirements) and fulfill the responsibilities associated with being an ACCME-accredited provider.

If your organization cannot meet the ACCME’s accreditation process deadlines, you may request a one-time extension of your current accreditation term.  If your request is approved, your current accreditation term will be extended four months, and your accreditation review will be conducted in the subsequent decision cohort.  You will be required to meet the administrative deadlines applicable to the new decision cohort.  Requests for extensions must be made in writing (via email is acceptable) to the ACCME. The standard extension fee will apply. (See Accreditation Fee Schedule.)