Performance-in-Practice Review

The ACCME’s performance-in-practice review allows providers to demonstrate compliance with the ACCME’s expectations at the CME activity level.  A guide to the information required for each activity selected for performance-in-practice review can be found in the Performance-in-Practice Structured Abstract.

To facilitate the ACCME’s review of a provider’s performance-in-practice, the following stages are required:

The provider’s submission of CME activity data. Providers should use the ACCME’s Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) to submit known information about the CME activities your organization has provided, or will provide, during its current accreditation term under the umbrella of your ACCME accreditation statement.

The ACCME’s selection of activities for performance-in-practice review. Based on the CME activity data you provide to the ACCME, the ACCME will select up to 15 activities for review. The ACCME will notify your primary contact via email when the activities for review have been selected. Providers are accountable for demonstrating performance-in-practice for all the activities selected.