Examples of Compliance and Noncompliance

The ACCME is sharing examples of providers’ practices, programs, strategies, or procedures based on information from the accreditation process – the self-study report, interview, and performance-in-practice documentation review. The goal of sharing these examples is to enable providers and CME stakeholders to learn from each other and to understand how the ACCME determines compliance and noncompliance with its requirements.

Please note that these are examples only, not prescribed practices; nor do they represent a list of options from which providers must choose. These examples describe practices that either would or did meet or not meet expectations of compliance. Each example in and of itself may not necessarily describe all practices that are required to meet compliance, but rather evidence of practices that contributed to compliance or noncompliance findings.

How to Search Examples

Please use the query box in the left navigation pane titled  SEARCH EXAMPLES BY  to search for specific examples of compliance, noncompliance, or both.

  1. First, click on the Requirement drop-down box to select the criteria that you want to see examples about. NOTE: The default for this drop-down box is to select all criteria; you can either deselect the ones that you do not want to see examples about or click on Select None to uncheck all criteria and then click on only the ones that you want to see examples about.
  2. Once you have the criteria that you want to see examples about selected, click on the Finding drop-down box and select COMPLIANCE, NONCOMPLIANCE, or both. The default for the drop-down box is to select both compliance and noncompliance.
  3. As an option, you may also use the START and/or END fields to find examples that were posted within a certain date range.  Clicking on these fields will open a calendar tool from which you can select a date range.
  4. Finally, you can also choose to enter search terms in the KEYWORD SEARCH field if you are interested in finding examples on a particular topic.
  5. After you have entered all of your search choices, click on the Apply button at the bottom of the query box.

Once you click the Apply button, all the examples that meet your search choices will be displayed sorted by the date the examples were posted, with the most recent displayed first. You can view an individual example by clicking on the Reference ID Number (Ref #) at the bottom right of each example; you can reference this number if you submit a question about a particular example to info@accme.org. You can also click on the keywords shown at the bottom left of each example to initiate a new search for related information on the ACCME Web site.

To begin a new search and reset the search fields to their defaults click on the Reset button at the bottom of the query box.

Printing Examples

The examples can be printed by using the Printer-friendly version or PDF version links at the bottom of each page.  Please note that these links will print the page of examples that you are currently viewing; if your search yielded multiple pages, you may print each page one at a time.

For your convenience, we have created a PDF of the of the Examples of Compliance and Noncompliance (updated April 2014).