Scope of System

Accredited CME: Educating Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals

There are nearly 1,900 accredited organizations, known as CME providers, including medical schools; nonprofit physician membership organizations, such as medical specialty and state medical societies; hospitals/healthcare delivery systems; publishing and education companies; government and military organizations; and insurance and managed-care companies.

These CME providers include organizations accredited by the ACCME as well as those accredited by the 41 state and territory medical societies recognized as accreditors by the ACCME.

Each year accredited providers offer more than 148,000 educational activities. These activities included nearly 26 million interactions with physicians and other healthcare professionals. (This number of learners represents aggregate participant totals and not the number of unique participants.  Participants attending multiple activities are counted multiple times.)

These activities are offered through a variety of channels, including live meetings and courses, individualized learning projects, medical journals, and the Internet.

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