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The ACCME accreditation system is supported by a national pool of volunteer surveyors made up of approximately 100 CME professionals from all provider types, ensuring that CME providers are evaluated by their peers. Surveyors include physicians, CME and other health care professionals, and educators. They are nominated by their peers and must fulfill specific qualifications.

ACCME surveyors play a critical role in the accreditation process. In return for their donation of time and expertise, surveyors receive the opportunity to learn from their colleagues, gain a broader understanding of the CME environment, and contribute to continuous improvement in the accreditation system. Surveyors receive no honoraria or other form of compensation; however, they are reimbursed for the expenses they incur in compliance with the ACCME's volunteer expense reimbursement policies.

Surveyors are supported by ACCME staff and must achieve and maintain a set of ACCME Surveyor Competencies . The ACCME provides them with intensive initial and ongoing training, and professional development and support, including face-to-face training, conference calls, and webinars.

Experienced CME professionals that are interested in serving should review the ACCME’s prerequisites and expectations of accreditation surveyors. First, please review the ACCME Surveyor Competencies, then submit the Application for ACCME Surveyors.

ACCME Board of Directors: The Board of Directors  is the governing body of the ACCME. It is charged with setting the strategic direction for the organization and leading the ACCME in identifying, developing, and promoting standards for quality continuing medical education. The ACCME’s seven member organizations  and the public nominate individuals to serve on the ACCME’s Board of Directors. In addition, two senior members of the Committee for Review and Recognition  (CRR) serve on the ACCME Board of Directors during their terms of service on the CRR. The Board also includes two nonvoting representatives of the federal government, who are named by the federal government. All directors and representatives are elected to the Board by the Board.

Accreditation Review Committee (ARC):  Accreditation Review Committee (ARC) members are CME professionals who have in-depth knowledge concerning the philosophy and process of CME, the ACCME, and accreditation requirements. Some ARC members have served as surveyors; some have experience with a CME program accredited by the ACCME or a Recognized Accreditor.

The ARC comprises up to 30 members. Of these, at least 21 are nominated by the ACCME’s member organizations and elected by the ACCME Board of Directors. The remaining members are nominated by the ACCME’s CEO and elected by the Board. The initial term is two years; members may serve for a maximum of six years.

New ARC members are trained by ACCME staff. They attend their first meeting as observers; at their second meeting they are assigned one review, which they do under the supervision of a staff person. At their third meeting, they begin doing reviews on their own.

Committee for Review and Recognition (CRR): The Committee for Review and Recognition (CRR) is comprised of nine members; all members are nominated by the Recognized Accreditors and elected by the ACCME Board of Directors. Two senior members of the CRR are elected to serve as chair and vice chair of the CRR and to serve concurrently on the ACCME Board of Directors during their term of service on the CRR. This ensures representation of the recognition system on the ACCME’s Board of Directors.