Resources for Volunteers

Volunteers  play a critical role to support the ACCME and the national CME system. In return for their donation of time and expertise, the ACCME provides its volunteers with tools and education resources to support their professional development. If you are not yet an accreditation volunteer, learn more about volunteer opportunities within the national CME system.

General Resources for Accreditation Volunteers

Volunteer Reimbursement Form
ACCME accreditation volunteers receive no honoraria or other form of compensation; however, they are reimbursed for the expenses they incur in compliance with the ACCME's volunteer expense reimbursement policies.

The Ask ACCME webpages are searchable questions and answers about accreditation processes, expectations of ACCME requirements, and general information about the national CME system. Both written and video answers are available.

The Education webpages provide a window to educational resources that include video interviews with CME professionals and system stakeholders, tutorials, and ACCME commentary.

Resources for ACCME Surveyors

Reviewing Surveyor Roles and Responsibilities
Review the ACCME Surveyor Competencies for insights regarding the role and expectations of accreditation surveyors.

Training and Continuing Professional Development

ACCME's Accreditation Workshop:
To support their ongoing professional development, the registration fee for the CME as a Bridge to Quality Accreditation Workshop is dicounted for trained ACCME surveyors.  ACCME surveyors that attend the workshop are responsible for their own travel and expenses.  ACCME surveyors interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should contact Chantel Moore.

Becoming an ACCME Surveyor:
The ACCME provides intensive training for new surveyors that introduces volunteers to the tools, processes, and skills to support their role.

Ongoing Surveyor Training: (Login Required)
Designed to support surveyors by exploring examples of provider practices and insights from the accreditation review process. Each webinar is recorded and made available online for 24/7 on-demand viewing.

Provider Examples of Compliance & Noncompliance
A compendium of examples from providers that have been evaluated under the ACCME Accreditation Criteria (including the Standards for Commercial Support).  The compendium includes actual examples of provider practices that were found either compliant or noncompliant with the ACCME Criteria together with explanatory comments.

Nominate a Colleague
The ACCME is always looking for volunteers for our accreditation surveyor pool.  If you know of a colleague who might be interested in volunteering as an ACCME surveyor, let us know. Tell us a little about your colleague and we will reach out to them with more information.